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To open and manage the controller settings for Dolphin, from the Dolphin's main window, navigate to Options -> Controller Settings, or simply click the Controllers button. The main controller configuration window will appear, as seen in the screenshot below Controllers work fine with all other cores, but Dolphin isn't recognizing them at all. Can't even exit the game via the hotkey. I've seen some threads with similar issues, and the only solution I seemed to find was to change the input type from Retropad to Retropad w/ Analog. Tried, but no luck

1st weird thing is that there shouldn't be any Steam Controller evdev device visible while sc-controller is running. But actual problem here is that when mouse region is used, sc-controller moves mouse cursor using xlib calls and Doplhin is probably not checking for that However, there is still one critical issue. When you switch to these drivers you can play games on Dolphin and VBA-M, but the controller is no longer recognized by Steam, or any game launched by Steam. It might extend to other platforms too, but I've not tired Normally don't make videos like these, but I couldn't find ANY solution to this issue anywhere. I really wanted to do some playthrough's of some Gamecube gam.. I've tried updating the joypad profiles but that has not seemed to help. when I start Retroarch I get these messages that flash quickly below. 100%: xinput controller (user2) configured in port #1 . 100% xbox one controller (user 1) configured in port #0. 100%: xinput controller (user 2) configured in port #1

Dolphin not recognizing either of my controllers

Controllers not recognized in Dolphin anymore. VincentMoreau . 1y. 31 Aug 1:59PM. Forum Actions. Report Post. I've been playing some WII and Gamecube games through Dolphin a few months ago. I went back at it today, but my controllers (xbox and shield) are not recognized anymore. I can start the games, but then no button will respond, except B that opens the left-sided user interface. I looked. With this being said, the Wii U USB GCN Adapter might not get detected because you were following the wrong instructions in relation to the driver version that you're using. Dolphin's Official GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U has far the most stable driver build. They release regular updates and feature step-by-step installation guides.

Dolphin controller configuration not detecting ANY input

To open and manage the controller settings for Dolphin, from the Dolphin's main window, navigate to Options -> Controller Settings, or simply click the Controllers button. Configuring Dolphin for use with the Xbox 360 Controller. If I unplug and plug in the controller, the permissions get reset. Open Dolphin and head over to GCPad. If the Xbox 360 wired controller is not detected by your Windows PC, try re-plugging it into a different USB port, and then try again. Press question. Dolphin emulator animal crossing controller not working. It may also be a good idea to close the game now and configure Dolphin with the game not running. Ad Inilah BlueStacks 5 versi terbaru dari emulator Android terpopuler di dunia. To open and manage the controller settings for Dolphin from the Dolphins main window navigate to Options -. I was trying to make this guide as simple as possible.

5. If everything lines up, make sure you have the WinUSB driver selected, then click Replace Driver to replace the driver. Your Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter will now be recognized in Dolphin! Related: How to Play Wii Games on Ubuntu with Dolphin Fix: DS4Windows Not Detecting Controller Windows 10 If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption

Dolphin not recognizing gamecube controller? Smashboard

  1. Once installed, Dolphin should be able to recognize that the adapter has been plugged in. You do not need to configure the controllers manually within Dolphin's controller settings but any controllers plugged into the adapter should work immediately. For questions on any of these macOS connection techniques, please see the forum thread. macOS with System Integrity Protection (SIP) On El.
  2. d the message about not-original\original... Sorry about that. Comment. Post Cancel. ElOtroMiqui. Join Date: 29.11.2020; Posts: 7 #7. 30.11.2020, 02:55. Originally Posted by wookiepediologist View Post. Well, we had a little briefing. You should either use Dolphin.
  3. Can I use my PS3 wireless controller to play Dolphin? Yes you can. Install MotioninJoy to make Windows recognize the PS3 controller as a bluetooth device. Now you can use it in Dolphin within the GCPad and Wiimote configuration. The second GC Pad is not working. Go to Configuration -> Gamecube and make sure Port 2 is set to Standard Controller. Can I use more than 3 CPU cores to make.

But if I try running Dolphin in Big Picture Mode through Steam I get the keyboard overlay and Dolphin doesnt recognize my controller. Do not pair but direct connect. The Dolphin Emulator compatibility list contains all the games we tested sorted by how well they work on the emulator. 1 Set default screen mode to Full Screen I used to play netplay all the time using my mayflash 2 port usb adapter. I recently wiped my computer and had to setup everything again. Although, when I go to configure the controller, I get 2 options, DInput 1 and DInput 2. No matter which one I chooose or have my controller plugged into, dolphin will not register any inputs from the controllers. In Windows control panel, I am able to configure the controllers and the inputs are registered clearly there, but somehow there is a missing. -Staff Post 312014 64206 PM This post violated the following rule. But Dolphin doesnt recognize it. Animal Crossing - 2001 - USA The game is currently emulated ALMOST perfectly. I have two PS3 controllers. I also tried enabling USB Keyboard in configWii but. 8142018 Dolphin Emulator Dolphin_Emu August 3 2018. If you have any further questions you can ask me at. When I loaded up the game there was no Press to start message on the screen like there should be

Dolphin Emulator, GC control Config not Registering SC

  1. When I try to change the controller configuration within Dolphin using the SC, as long as I have started running a game, then the controller config recognizes that there is a second controller other than my keyboard. However, if I try to set a button to me a steam controller button, nothing happens. The only exception is that one time it recognized my right trigger
  2. I downloaded Dolphin, and my PC recognizes that there is an adapter plugged in. I calibrated the controller on my computer, and I open up Dolphin only to find that it does not recognize that a Gamecube Adapter is plugged in. I have downloaded close to 7000 versions of Dolphin but it does not recognize I have an adapter plugged in. Yes I set the GCPad to DInput/0/vJoy Device and I have also made sure that port 1 is set to standard controller. Does anyone know why after all of these.
  3. Reopen Dolphin > Controllers, and for Port 1, make sure Make sure Standard Controller is selected from the drop down. You will most likely HAVE to remap your controller. Please follow the You will most likely HAVE to remap your controller

Configuring Controllers - Dolphin Emulator Wik

Mouse Region itself works fine in Desktop, but in Dolphin nothing happens and I have no idea how to set it right. When using Steam Controller as Mouse (trackball) Dolphin recognizes mouse movement as XInput2/0/Virtual core pointer device with X-, X+, Y-, Y+ Axis; everything works as intended. After setting SC as Mouse Region no movement is detected. Steam Controller evdev device reports some axes, but none of them responds Make sure you use Dolphin 4.x. Go to \User\Config\Profiles\GCPad and edit the .ini files you can see there to this (or create new ones if there aren't any) I downloaded Dolphin for windows 32-bit and no matter from where i download the games i want to play it will not load them. Are the files supposed to be .iso, .rar or .gcn? It seems as though no matter which one i download none of them load. I really wanna play some games! PLEASE HELP! (im kinda new to the emulators):mad

Make sure use fullscreen is selected (dolphin) and also disable Allow desktop config in launcher (steam) Start dolphin up through steam and configure the controller. Works for me. Also, maybe render to main window may help. The most improtant to make sure is allow desktop config in launcher. This needs to be unticked Dolphin not recognizing gamecube controller? | Smashboards. Games No matter which one I chooose or have my controller plugged into, dolphin will not register any inputs from the controllers. In Windows control panel, I am able to configure the controllers and the inputs are registered clearly there, but somehow there is a missing link between that and Dolphin Joystick not working (not recognized) in Windows 10. When a controller doesn't work right, it's often the joystick that doesn't respond or that is recognized as button input instead of a joystick. This normally means that you're unable to use in-game actions that require a joystick. 1. Check joystick input. Before you can troubleshoot why a joystick is not working, you need to check if. When I have the controller connected to the computer via USB, Dolphin recognizes it and I am able to set the controls. But if I try running Dolphin in Big Picture Mode through Steam I get the keyboard overlay and Dolphin doesn't recognize my controller. I tried running it directly through the Game Hub but it just sits there and won't load. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong

Dolphin Emulator - Configuring controller

Hi guys, The issue: Dolphin is not recognizing Steam Controller and so SC is not coming up in the controller config section. (I've tried wireless and then plugging it in) Still no show. THE PROCEDURES I'VE DONE/FOLLOWED: Initially, I added dolphin into my steam client as per excellent instructions here: https://voat.co/v/pcmasterrace/comments/121151 I then went on to follow Steve's excellent guide in youtube on how to setup the emulator here: (time stamped to start exactly where he gets into.. Once installed, Dolphin should be able to recognize that the adapter has been plugged in. You do not need to configure the controllers manually within Dolphin's controller settings but any controllers plugged into the adapter should work immediately When Dolphin starts up, you will lose control of your Bluetooth Device and regain it when Dolphin shuts down. While this cuts down on the work you need to use your Bluetooth device across many controllers, usbdk has many bugs; the worst of which is that any ES_Launch will immediately crash/freeze the game due to usbdk losing control of the Bluetooth. macOS. There is currently no way to use.

Gamecube/Dolphin not recognizing controller input

You should either use Dolphin, or reWASD. Not at the same time. When you open it in Dolphin, controller disappears it from the system, thus, it cannot be detected by our software. And never mind the message about not-original\original... Sorry about that Controllers. Dolphin is compatible with many different types of controllers, from typical joypads to actual Wiimotes (for which your PC must have Bluetooth support). You can choose and configure the controller you'd prefer to use with the emulator from the Controllers settings. We won't dive into those settings since they are mostly self-explanatory. It's worth noting, though, that if. First Open Dolphin > Controllers, for port 1, Select Standard Controller in the dropdown then click configure: From here, you will have to remap your controller. Here is an example ideal setup of a controller: Device. Use DInput. The 0 denotes the port; 0 is port 1, 1 is port 2, ect. Make sure it says GamePad and not keyboard. Buttons. The buttons are easy to set up. You just click the gray. 4. Go ahead and select GameCube Adapter For Wii U. Note that this will correspond to the port your actual controller is plugged into on the adapter. A quick way to verify that Dolphin recognizes your adapter is to click Configure to the right of the dropdown Early releases of dolphin 3.0 did not have this problem. 4: This happens every time I try to run a game. 5: Dolphin: 3.0-415 Mac OSX version: 10.6.7; Macbook Pro (late 2011 model). Related issues. Has duplicate Emulator - Emulator Issues #4642: Reading came controllers fine in set up but not ingame: Duplicate: Has duplicate Emulator - Emulator Issues #5887: Animal Crossing stuck at start.

Change which controller is visible via the in-game settings menu. The first Wiimote or GameCube controller that is attached to the touchscreen is shown by default. If no controller is attached to the touchscreen, the touchscreen controller will not appear. There is now a touchscreen Classic Controller layout made by goob47 Controller recognized but not working. When I plug up my DualShock 4 controllers to my pc via USB it shows them in my device settings as a working controller but no other games or applications will even acknowledge that it's plugged in. The controllers work on any other device just not my pc. The last thing I used my controller for before this was for ACO using the project stream thing. This. However this is only if you play on Dolphin 4.0-652. If you use the latest Dolphin dev builds, you should use native support (if you have the Mayflash 4 port or the official Nintendo). It has 0 input lag and 100% accurately maps your controller for you. If you have the Mayflash, set it to Wii U mode and just follow this guide

Mouse Region movement not recognized by Dolphin Emulator

In order to edit this wiki, you must register and verify your account Once the pairing process is completed, the controller will be usable on Dolphin, Change it to the way you want to recognize it for yourself. Toshiba won't rely on it in any way. Save the file and close it. Disable Driver Signature Enforcement. By default, 64-bit versions of Windows does not let the users install drivers which are not signed. So, after modifying tosrfusb.inf its signature. Dolphin hasn't been very smart with this over the years. It wasn't until fairly recently that it cared at all, when iwubcode started looking into why certain games couldn't read movements from emulated Wii Remotes. Some of them were silly; back in Dolphin 5.0, if you configured a swing up, Dolphin would tell the game the Wii Remote is going straight up. That may sound fine in theory, but a swing involves a lot more than up and down movement. Games that checked for logical motion. I tried selecting both 'gamepad' and 'keyboard' in the dolphin controller menu to use my controller in dolphin, but the buttons don't do anything no matter what steam controller configuration I'm using. I think my main problem is that I'm not sure what to do in Dolphin's controller menu.Thanks for helping me out, guys Dolphin not recognizing gamecube controller? Thread starter SoullessMelee; Start date Nov 26, 2015; S. SoullessMelee Smash Rookie. Nov 26, 2015 #1. Joined Nov 26, 2015 Messages 1. Nov 26, 2015 #1. I used to play netplay all the time using my mayflash 2 port usb adapter. I recently wiped my computer and had to setup everything again. Although.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller not being detected by Windows 10. Right so over the past few days I have been trying to get my Switch Pro controller to work with my pc. I have tried multiple different usb ports and the cable works fine with other things and so does the usb ports. Whenever I plug the controller in I simply get no response from my PC. One time it connected but the computer would not recognize it as a joystick (Gamepad). Please help! 0. FaiyazR. 4 years ago Reply Upvote. You can also use a connected Wiimote to play games on your computer. Do some googling and you'll find software that supports it. 0. 31680701. 4 years ago Reply Upvote. can it work on Chrome OS. 0. LucasS115. 4 years ago Reply Upvote. Would this also make the. The issue is that I recently bought a Wiimote Plus with the intention of using it on my PC with the Dolphin emulator, but when I turn on the bluetooth of my pc and look for it in the list it does not appear no matter how much I try Since 4.0.2, Dolphin has the ability to passthrough USB HID devices designed for use with Wii software. 5.0-2352 enables USB passthrough for all devices. This gives emulated Wii software full control of a hardware device connected to your PC. This is very useful for devices not currently emulated by Dolphin and games that highly depend on extra hardware One of the benefits of Dolphin is that you can play with any controller you like, including controllers from other consoles and third-party gamepads. If you don't have a controller, you can use the keyboard and mouse, which is fine for GameCube games but isn't that great for Wii games. How to configure Dolphin to emulate a GameCube pad or a Wiimote using a different type of controller or even a keyboard. Controlling the Global User Directory. Explains how to bring settings and saves into.

XBOne controller driver issues

  1. What I'm seeing is this: My Keyboard/Mouse is *definitely* being picked up as multiple devices, and post PR7776 it looks like the code isn't accounting that multiple keyboard/mice as a possibility. Dolphin is regarded as the King of Emulator when it comes to Nintendo consoles. And in this article, we will discuss the best SNES Emulator for Windows 10.. Dolphin is open source and is available.
  2. PC not recognizing gamecube controller with mayflash adapter. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 10 months ago. Active 5 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 3k times 2. So I got Mayflash's gamecube to usb adapter a while ago, and when I plug in my controller it doesn't show up anywhere on the computer. It recognizes the adapter though. I have one of the black third-party gamecube controllers, do those work.
  3. GameCube Controller¶. We've gotten a lot of requests to allow a Wii Remote or especially a Wii Classic Controller Pro to be used as a GameCube controller in the GCpad through the RealWiimote system in Dolphin. It makes sense; a lot of users have had to buy sensor bars, Bluetooth adapters, and even Wii Remotes for use in Dolphin, and they don't want to have to buy even more stuff to control.
  4. Steam Controller makes a game crash or not recognized. If your Steam Controller is working well in Steam Big Picture mode, but not recognized by a game or the game starts crashing when you plug in the controller, this may be because of the native driver that has been added to the Linux kernel 4.18. Try to unload it, restart Steam and replug the.
  5. How do I get Dolphin to recognize an external Hard drive. I cant seem to locate it even though the NSTV recognizes it. 0 0. 0. Louer_Adun . 3y. 26 Sep 8:28PM. 0 . Forum Actions . Report Post. I've only ran it on Android just to test the progress of the project. I'd personally recommend running it over gamestream if you can so you can crank the max internal resolution and not have slowdowns in.
  6. You can add more controllers to Dolphin by assigning them to different port numbers. Wii. The Wii remote. The Dolphin Emulator Wiki needs your help! Dolphin can play thousands of games, and changes are happening all the time. Help us keep up! Join in and help us make this the best resource for Dolphin. How to use the Official GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U in Dolphin. From Dolphin.

How to EASILY FIX secondary controller issue for Dolphin

Xbox one controllers working in menu of Retroarch but not

  1. Re: Dolphin GCPad 2-4 Players Wont Reconize. Thank you ulaoulao! All I had to do was go into Dolphin 3.5 and go to Options->Configure->Gamecube and set Port 1-4 to Standard Controller and it works. March 18th, 2016, 05:33 #4. HaloMillennium
  2. Make sure to change what input device you are using in dolphin, it defaults to keyboard/mouse when no controller is plugged in. Once you change this to your controller, you should be able to bind..
  3. Hi, so I'm new to this whole site and the only real reason I signed up is because I need with something that I just can't seem to figure out. I finally got around to figuring out how to work Dolphin (not so much figuring out as it was googling how to) and it works fine. I have one problem. My gamepad doesn't work with it. It works fine with VisualBoy and zSnes but Dolphin won't let me use it
  4. Adapter not detected dolphin - eivy.fornarienzo.it. Games The GameCube Controller Adapter is not working correctly while connected to the Nintendo Switch dock. (06-27-2016, 09:03 AM) Colossus Wrote: The adapter is detected, because I can assign buttons with the option: standard controller. If you can assign buttons using the adapter, Dolphin's native support isn't going to work
  5. on Dolphin!. I was playing Mario Kart with two players > Via Gamestream. Xbox 360 controller works fine for single player, but when trying to play it online via Netplay no input is recognised, any advice on. This one has an adjustable delay before firing (approx 2-4 seconds), adjustable.
  6. Then it should just work with no controller mapping necessary. If it doesn't, confirm that the correct driver is installed. I did this a couple weeks ago using an official GC adapter and only had to install the driver and select the right option in Dolphin to make it work. If you don't see the GameCube Adapter for Wii U option, update Dolphin
  7. Flipper (Dolphin) Scanner Control 2.0 Not rated yet Good morning to all, I ask you for help. I own a Flipper Dolphin) Scanner Control 2.0 purchased in 2001 (probably). I ask whether it is possible to repair Dolphin M4 will not run Not rated yet This is what happens: If the cleaner is not plugged into the power supply/controller and I turn on the controller, the on switch lights up and the.

Controllers not recognized in Dolphi NVIDIA GeForce Forum

  1. Left Analog should be set to the Analog stick on the nunchuk. Buttons are mostly up to preference and I think IR isn't used in Xenoblade. Maybe it's easier to map the thing as a Classic Controller though, considering the shape and buttons are pretty much the same and Xenoblade has Classic Controller support
  2. us). The other buttons works fine, I can play games from Nes, SNes, MegaDrive, but games from N64 I can not due the problem with analog sticks. They do not recognize when I try to configure it in the EmulationStation
  3. Note: If BlueSoleil does not detect your device on the first attempt, unplug your Bluetooth device (or shut it off) and plug it back in. Then press the center orange circle and try again. When the Wiimote is recognized, it's name will be NINTENDO-RVT-CNT-01
  4. You'll arrive at the controller configuration screen (shown below). To reconfigure a button, simply click on it then press the new keyboard key or press a button on your gamepad. Repeat for every button you want to be reconfigured. Next, you may want to reconfigure the motion control for the Wii Remote (if you don't want to use your mouse)
  5. If your Wiimote is listed but Dolphin doesn't recognize it, right click on the device Nintendo RVL-CNT-01 and click on Remove device. Make sure Dolphin is closed and then try to connect the Wiimote again. Note: You will have to reconnect the Wiimote each time you restart your computer
  6. Dolphins have a high level of encephalization and behavioral and cognitive complexity (26-29), but previous attempts to demonstrate MSR in dolphins have been suggestive yet inconclusive because of difficulties in implementing adequate controls necessary to obtain robust evidence of MSR in an animal unable to display self-recognition by touching a marked part of the body with a hand (30, 31)
  7. Over on Dolphin's controller configuration menu, there should be an entry for evdev/0/joycon (not Nintendo Switch Pro Controller). Select it, and you should now be able to configure the controls. Steam. While the controller works for native Linux games, this controller is not detected by Steam. To fix this, we will need to add a line to 70-steam-controller.rules

The reason for your controller behaviour is simply because of your USB cable, IF it's one of those with a ferrite choke (a bulge in the wire container near the end of the cable). It doesn't cause any issues with your signal, but it DOES hamper your controller charging, e.g. it will look like the controller is fully charged, but in actuality it isn't and your laptop will not charge it, since it doesn't recognize it. So it works fine while the cable's plugged in, but it has issues with. Set the IP address to the same one as your computer (run ipconfig in Command Prompt to check for this), Enable Joybus Connection and click OK. Go to File - Open GBA... and select gba_bios.bin. The GBA bios should load, which will then initiate the link to Dolphin After that, Dolphin Emulator application window open on your computer. Click on the Tool tab and select the Memcard Manager (GS) option. Click on the Browse Button for finding your folder which you want to use as a dolphin emulator's memory card. After that, click on the OK button Stick to your preferred controller! By now you have learned the raw basics of setting up and using the steam controller with the Dolphin emulator. My problem is that my gamepad, which is a GameSir G3s (cheap chinese brand, but pretty decent quality, also wireless) is not being recognized fully in Dolphin 5.0. (11-06-2017, 02:47 AM) CrispyMiner Wrote: So I have to use a Wiimote no matter what for this game, no keyboard or mouse thing to replace it? (For those coming from Dolphin.

If the Windows 10 PC can't detect the controller, it may be due to Windows not automatically updating the controller's drivers. To update your Xbox One controller on Windows 10, kindly visit this link and follow the steps provided. We also recommend checking if there are updates available for your Windows 10 device Third-party options are not guaranteed to work with Dolphin, even if they work on the Wii. A PC with a compatible Bluetooth adapter. Newer is better. A powered Wii sensor bar. You can use your original sensor bar plugged into a running Wii, a battery-powered Wireless sensor bar, or a USB sensor bar. How to Set Up a Real GameCube Controller in. Click on the checkbox next to Connect Controller if it is not already checked. Select Handheld in the combobox below. Select your desired input device under Input Device Read the single or multiple controllers guide for detailed instructions. Start Dolphin and make sure the Wiimote is recognized. You're finished! Now you can play Dolphin with up to four players. What about the Sensor bar? If you want to play games in Dolphin with a Sensor Bar you can simply use a Wireless Sensor Bar. Since the Sensor Bar is just a source of Infrared Light it doesn't need to be.

How to Resolve Wii U USB GCN Adapter Not Detected on

If dolphins do not recognize their mirror reflection as representing themselves, then one might expect them to respond to the mirror in the same way they respond to encountering an unknown dolphin. (We found no literature on dolphin encounters with unfamiliar dolphins, although Ostman, 1985, and Overstrom, 1983, present some ethological and acoustic information.) In the third control condition. Controller will not sync with Wii. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Answered! View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers . Is this a good question? Yes No. Score 47. Cancel. Comments: Who would of thought it was that easy! Thanks! 05/09/2016 by davebecvella. I was so happy! I my threw hands in the air, whisper shouting yes. I thought it was because I also have.

Fix: Discord MIC not working with these 5 SolutionsHow To Fix iTunes When It’s Not Syncing With iPhone, iPadFix iTunes Not Detecting / Recognizing iPhone On Windows 10Shigeo Shingo quote: Are you too busy for improvementShigeo Shingo quote: The most dangerous kind of waste isDo-it-Yourself Open Innovation: Start By Looking In theRecognize people first, not their disability

Windows will connect the controller by default, but it may not be usable as a controller in all apps. Dolphin, the Wii emulator, supports using them as inputs, but we didn't have any on hand to test system-wide use. Mac is supported in the same way—only in Dolphin. System-wide use is technically supported, but we heavily recommend finding a new controller. MacOS Sierra broke support for. When the troubleshooting process ends, see if the USB device not recognized Xbox One controller issue still persists. Fix 3. Use a Different USB Cable. If you are using a USB cable controller that is not computable with your PC, you may encounter the PC not detecting Xbox One controller problem. As you know, there are various USB cables and some of them may be designed only for charging and. But the keyboard doesn't emulate analogue control properly, and Gamecube games are made specifically to take advantage of a dual analogue configuration. Using a keyboard is crippling compared to a real joypad just because of the way the games are designed. You'll find that with any console emulator. I tried playing it with the keyboard for a while. It just doesn't work. Plus a joypad is nice. The ability to recognize oneself in a mirror is an exceedingly rare capacity in the animal kingdom. To date, only humans and great apes have shown convincing evidence of mirror self-recognition. Two dolphins were exposed to reflective surfaces, and both dem-onstrated responses consistent with the use of the mirror to investigate marked parts of the body. This ability to use a mirror to. Dolphin pool cleaners use less energy and provide more savings. Since they do require the use of pumps and hoses like old-fashion pressure and suction pool cleaners, they are 8 times more efficient than any other pool cleaner. And they do not require pool and booster pumps to operate, making them the sustainable solution to clean your pool

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